Welcome to Central Coast Gang Investigator Association CCGIA strives to provide working investigators and officers with the most up to date gang intelligence. Our goal is to enable all law enforcement personnel to attend our informative seminars and multi-day conferences, without having to travel too far or spend too much. Through continuous curriculum and format improvements, first time attendees as well as repeat visitors will leave CCGIA seminars with current intelligence, accurate information, and real techniques to bring back to their agencies (and you will have a good time while learning).

CCGIA 2019 – Membership Update

CCGIA was not able to host as many courses in 2019 as we planned. As a result, all memberships from 2019 will be extended for free through 2020.

CCGIA offers a basic and a GOLD membership. The Gold membership comes with a free class.

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CCGIA Latest News:

CCGIA organization update:

The CCGIA Executive Board of Directors is comprised of full-time law enforcement officers and prosecutors. As a result, we sometimes plan to host events, classes, conferences… but due to our workload, they do not end up coming together. This is the case with 2019.

Richard Cavagnolo has been promoted to Lt. and has been put in charge of several complex investigations. Morgan Chappell has been working on a number of cases which have required extensive travel (including out-of-country trips) and Michael Walker is working full-time in several different states at the moment.

CCGIA has been looking at different ways to keep offering seminars on a regular basis and still allow our Board members to carry out their work duties and have a family life.

We ask that  you please support us so that we can come back out stronger than ever in the coming months and in 2020. Thank you and Stay Safe

CCGIA 2020 Seminars

CCGIA is  planning and scheduling 2020 courses for spring. Stay tuned


We have some  dates/locations for our courses, but are open to suggestions. If you would like us to bring a course to your region or agency, contact us directly.

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CCGIA now accepts credit card payment for course tuition.

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CCGIA is fundraising for “At risk youth” for the 2019 holidays!

CCGIA is heading up a fundraising program for “At risk youth” in an attempt to prevent crime. During the holidays many gang involved people shoplift items to give as gifts to their children and families.

CCGIA is raising money to give to carefully screened youth, to assist them with holiday meals and gifts for children.

We urge everyone to please help us with this fundraising via:


What Are Our Student Saying About Us?

“I like that CCGIA instructors provide the latest information as well as documentation for court testimony in their classes. It has really helped me with search warrants and testimony” – Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security

“CCGIA provides the most up to date intelligence, and best training I have ever attended. They really go out of their way to make sure that the students are getting the best information and really want people to learn and feel good about the training they receive…” – Supervising Special Agent (ret.) Scotty Kissel, CDCR SSU Headquarters Sacramento.

“This is some of the best training I have received. They always have very experienced instructors, and make sure that the students really learn new skills” – Special Agent Supervisor Richard Westphal, CA Department of Justice

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